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Qype: Yalla Yalla in London

London - Eating & Drinking - Restaurant - Middle Eastern - Lebanese & Syrian

Meh. Just plain meh.

Chicken was good, but incredibly dry.
And the place was so insanely loud, that I could barely hear my friend from just across the thin banqueting table. Maybe it's intentional so the people next to you can't hear your conversation.... Maybe.

I don't think I'll be going back, to be honest. I mean. If I'm in the eighbourhodo and  craving lebanese food and don't mind something loud, then maybe. Otherwise I don't see myself bothering.

Staff are lovely, and the food is quite decent, but the place is so incredibly loud that I'd avoid it on those grounds only. If I go eat, I want to talk to my companions, not have to lean over and shout.

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